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"Sand and Receive" is a game in which you play as a first-person wanderer through a virtual sound environment inhabited by various sound beings, immersing yourself in a world full of sound beings.

There are six virtual worlds to explore. The player discovers the location of the beings by sound, and listens to the unfolding sound environment by approaching, detouring, or moving away, changing distance and direction, sometimes stopping to listen, sometimes finding a favorite spot. The act of listening is also the act of playing: it is both the player's performance and a collaboration of the clusters of sounds together.

You can download it from the following link and try out.


Sand and Receive

Mac OSX - Intel

Mac OSX - Apple Silicon (M1, M2)

Sand and Receive (Guided Edition)

Mac OSX - Intel

Mac OSX - Apple Silicon (M1, M2)

※ This game is not properly signed so it will be blocked at first-run. Please proceed to 'Open Mac Apps from Unidentified Developers'.

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==Basic Information

Move position

W Forward, S Back, A Left, D Right



Move the mouse left and right to set the direction you are looking at

Teleport 6 worlds >> 1 2 3 4 5 6 Select with number keys

Toggle mouse capture on/off -> ESC

End game -> cmd-Q

Reverbaration effect on/off -> r

==Additional information for the guide version==

G - Guidind sounds on/off. These sounds can be useful to localize key locations to visit in each world

B - Turns on/off a cut-off filter for slightly lowering high pitched noises.

Listen Carefully (in Korean)


Artistsㅣdianaband, Heeju Im

Sound | dianaband, Heeju Im

Album | Minok An

Graphic Design | Heeyun Im

Video | Jaehyung Park

Text | Donghwi Lee


SupportㅣArt Council Korea